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How I Joined Tryp Rides – By Nick Odio

How I joined Tryp Rides - Nick Odio
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How I Joined Tryp Rides – By Nick Odio

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How I Met Bob McNulty…

I had met Bob McNulty via phone in May of 2018. A close friend, Eric Kryzysiak introduced us because Bob was inquiring about information regarding a “Security Token Offering” (STO) for a new venture of his at the time called SupplyBloc.

If you’re unfamiliar with what an STO is, it’s a way to raise capital by creating your own cryptocurrency. Similar to an “Initial Public Offering” but through leveraging blockchain technology. 

I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable regarding such matters and at the time I was in communication with two companies who were capable of facilitating SupplyBloc in carrying out the STO.  I mediated two calls between Bob and the two companies (whose names I won’t mention) and after some time mulling it over he must have decided to fold. It wasn’t until recently that this decision struck me as convenient. Reason being, there is quite a lot of red tape to navigate through when setting up an STO.  The SEC is extremely vigilant about making sure you dot every last “I” and cross every last “T.” After discovering multiple run ins that Bob has had with the SEC over the last few decades it became apparent as to why he posted a blog stating that SupplyBloc would be delaying their STO just days after the conference calls I had set up and mediated. Personally, I was pretty adamant about explaining to him the difficulties in executing an STO without raising red flags.  It’s my belief that this raised a huge concern for Bob due to his knowledge of his own prior SEC violations.  

I dedicated many hours and risked valuable relationships to help SupplyBloc at this time. Bob had verbally agreed to compensate me for my time but I never received anything in writing. I realized much later that this seems to be a habit of his. I never received compensation for my time.  I chose not to let it bother me because I figured that there wasn’t any money there since the company was not operational shortly after.  

My Life Pre-Tryp Rides

A year and some change later my priorities had shifted. My band and I were heading off to Haines, AK on a ferry.  We were on our way to play a weekend’s worth of shows at an annual music festival. I received a call from Eric again. This time asking me what I was doing for work those days.  I had moved up to Alaska about a year prior to help a friend open his business. I accomplished that and was happy about it. I had done what I intended to do and at this point I just wanted to get back to what made me tick.  Music has always been my passion. Unfortunately, being in a rock & roll band in South East Alaska didn’t quite pay the bills. I had driven for both Uber and Lyft in the past so getting back behind the wheel seemed like a great way to make a modest living while also allowing myself the time and freedom to pursue gigging with the band over the Alaskan summer.  I was living the good life up on the final frontier. The last thing that I expected was to receive a call with a job offer that was not only in an industry that I understood quite well but was for a company, who as far as I could see, was in it for the right reasons. I spent two straight days catching up on every live update call from Facebook and learning the business model from front to back. 

My Journey with Tryp Rides Begins

I got on the phone with Bob shortly after. He was already impressed with my ability to digest and articulate complex information from the cryptocurrency days and was quick to offer me the job.  I was told that I would receive a $45K/year salary and that after 3 months I would be getting $60K. Benefits were also to be included. The raise and the benefits never happened.  

I hopped in my car 48 hours later, drove for 6 straight days through 4 provinces of Canada, into the US, hopped a flight from Minneapolis to Chicago, and embarked on a journey through 30+ states with my good friend Eric Krzysiak evangelizing for a rideshare company that was finally going to stand up for drivers. Or so I thought…

Why I Joined Tryp

During my first month working for Tryp Rides, I was recommended and gifted a book by a fellow Tryp Rides evangelist.  The book was called “Conscious Capitalism” and it was written by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods. This book really resonated with me and validated many of the beliefs I hold about “good business.”  The general takeaway is to value and respect every stakeholder involved in a company equally and not to act solely in the short term interest of shareholders. On the surface, Tryp Rides seemed to embody everything that this book and I stood for.  

For years as a driver I’d try to crack the code of “Ubernomics” to figure out just exactly how much of the fare Uber and Lyft were taking.  While I could never come to any sort of concrete number or formula, I knew it was a lot, and frankly it seemed unjust. Needless to say, I was enamored with the notion that I’d be helping to solve this problem and change the lives of potentially thousands of hard working people.  

I loved the idea that we listened to our drivers. That our CTO, Taha Abbasi, had spent months driving himself so that he could know and understand both why and how to build the best possible product. Assuming the company had proper funding allocated to technology that is. I also loved the “decentralized” approach to management. 

All in all, it seemed like a conscious company on a mission, with a vision, and led by core values.  However, most of those attributes that I perceived as strengths eventually revealed themselves to be weaknesses. All the while, the mission, vision and values that I assumed existed were in fact a mirage.

This story continues in the article titled “Why Field Operation Expert and Scrum Master Nick Odio Left Tryp Rides”.

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